Ambassador Vecchio: Venezuela is home to the ELN and FARC terrorist groups, the Iranian, Russian and Chinese mafias, which is why international support is essential - Embajada de Venezuela en EE.UU.
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Ambassador Vecchio: Venezuela is home to the ELN and FARC terrorist groups, the Iranian, Russian and Chinese mafias, which is why international support is essential

Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.S. met and spoke with Venezuelan migrants in Chicago

(Chicago, April 20, 2021).- Venezuelan Ambassador to the US, Carlos Vecchio held a meeting with the Venezuelan diaspora in the city of Chicago where he highlighted the efforts advanced by the Interim Government of President Juan Guaidó for the entry of Venezuela to the COVAX mechanism, the formulation of a responsible vaccination plan, and the admission of international humanitarian agencies such as the United Nations World Food Program, to address the critical situation caused by Maduro’s dictatorship in Venezuela. 

«The damage caused by the complex humanitarian emergency and accentuated by COVID-19 in Venezuela is profound, that is why we pushed for humanitarian aid and the COVAX mechanism. The pressure led the regime to join the initiative that would allow Venezuelans to have the vaccines against the pandemic, and that pressure from organized civil society in conjunction with the Interim Government finally made it possible for the UN World Food Program to enter Venezuela after years of denial of reality by the Maduro regime.»

Regarding the attention to the pandemic in Venezuela, Vecchio informed: «We have requested the US to do the same with Venezuela as it made a similar loan for vaccines to other countries, but it is not enough to have vaccines, it is also necessary to have a vaccination plan. The few that arrived were used to vaccinate the regime members and generate a black market. That is why the COVAX mechanism is necessary to reach medical personnel and the most vulnerable. The COVID19 in Venezuela provoked an apocalyptic scenario, and it must be said in a way that reveals the rawness of what the country is going through,» he added from the St. Mary of the Lake Church in Chicago.

The Ambassador stressed that the commitment as Venezuelans remains firm regarding the political change necessary to achieve a democratic transition in the country, the reason why he shared a reflection with all those who have been forced to emigrate from Venezuela. «Prayer and faith are an element that fills us with strength and inner peace. Today we have the possibility to mobilize because we know that the objectives are going to be achieved. The transition is going to arrive and the stage of reconstruction of our country is going to arrive, and I say this in the house of God. We are not alone, we have important support, the Venezuelan cause has become Latin American, we have the support of the US. The pressure of all Venezuelans united, the diaspora and those who are still in Venezuela, is what will drive the change.»

Since 2019, the Embassy of Guaidó’s interim government in the US together with the Venezuelan diaspora has managed to strengthen the support of The Administration, Congress, and the Senate in a bipartisan way to the Venezuelan cause, through actions such as international pressure on the Maduro regime, the donation of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, the acceptance of expired passports, the implementation of DED and TPS, the recovery of property and assets from the regime’s looting, and most recently, the proposed creation of a fund with those assets recovered by the U.S. to obtain COVID-19 vaccines for all Venezuelans.

“The more support we have to achieve the transition, the better. Our effort is aimed at getting out of the criminal and corrupt dictatorship, but also to alleviate the suffering of Venezuelans and for us the cause of that suffering is political and if we do not solve it, the suffering will continue. We must all work to build that coalition and that international pressure to facilitate the transition which is so complex due to the type of dictatorship, because Venezuela is home to the ELN and FARC terrorist groups, the Iranian, Russian and Chinese mafias, which is why international support is essential,” he underlined.

Venezuelans in the U.S. have until September to apply for TPS

Vecchio highlighted that the deadline for the more than 300,000 Venezuelans in the US to register for the TPS is September 5, for which he requested the support of the entire diaspora to inform, disseminate and guide Venezuelans in this process.

«Just as we fought for the TPS to be given, the task today is that we fight for the greatest number of Venezuelans to register until September 5, we have only 6 months. If they do not register they do not have the benefit and part of the work we have done is to divulge and guide them in their doubts. Part of the effort we have as Venezuelans here in the U.S. is to disclose how TPS benefits and help everyone to make it accessible,» he said.

The Venezuelan diplomat informed that in order to «become multipliers of information,» there are instructions in Spanish for the TPS, guides on frequently asked questions, and a series of consular services for Venezuelans to carry out the process on their own, which are available on the web and can be disseminated.

Manuel Dorante, the priest of the Santa María del Lago Church, emphasized that the Santa María del Lago Church «just as it was a home for my Mexican generation, now it is our turn to do the favor they did for the new migrants,» and offered to support Venezuelans with free legal advice to obtain the TPS benefit.

At the meeting, representatives of the organizations: Panas in Chicago, Illinois Venezuelan Alliance, and the Illinois Secretary of State’s office presented the Ambassador with a proclamation commemorating the Declaration of Independence Act, for the struggle and defense of the fundamental rights of Venezuelans, being the first time in 10 years that a Venezuelan Ambassador meets with the diaspora in Chicago. Also, they honored all the fallen and victims of the dictatorship in Venezuela.

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