President Guaidó at the Atlantic Council: Venezuelans today cannot be expected to decide between the pandemic and hunger - Embajada de Venezuela en EE.UU.
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President Guaidó at the Atlantic Council: Venezuelans today cannot be expected to decide between the pandemic and hunger


(Caracas, 04-23-20). Among the issues that the Interim President, Juan Guaidó, raised during his participation in the Forum «Leaders of the Americas of the Center for Latin America,” organized by the Atlantic Council were, continuing to make visible the Complex Humanitarian Emergency that Venezuela is going through and that is becoming more acute with the presence of the COVID-19; while presenting the options that the Interim Government has to put an end to the tragedy and to attend immediately to the Venezuelans.

On Thursday afternoon, the also re-elected President of the National Assembly (NA) thanked the opportunity given not to him but to the Venezuelans to denounce before the world that «it is false that in Venezuela there is a struggle for power; on the contrary, what there is a struggle to live with dignity.”

«It cannot be that today Venezuelans decide between the pandemic and hunger. Today, Thursday, April 23, there were hunger protests in three states of the nation. People went out, despite the quarantine, because they are dying of hunger.”

Guaidó also took the opportunity to ratify the denunciation about the figures that the regime has presented of the pandemic in the country, because according to the information that he handles, the number of tests that are carried out in Venezuela is the lowest in Latin America.

«We reject those numbers (288 infected and 10 dead as of April 22). Unfortunately, we have to prepare for a probable upsurge in the country,» said the Interim President during his speech at the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council is a think tank made up of experts in the area of international affairs and since its founding over 50 years ago, it has become a forum for international political, business and intellectual leaders.

On this occasion, and in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in more than 180 countries around the world, the Atlantic Council initiated a series of live events called «Leaders of the Americas from the Adrienne Arsht Center for Latin America,» which provides a bridge for «honest and focused discourse» on solutions to today’s pressing regional problems.

The Interim President of Venezuela is the second participant in this #ACFrontPage series, a live platform of ideas that highlights world leaders who advocate constructive solutions to global challenges.

The forum was moderated by CBS News Contributing Writer Maria Elena Salinas and featured the participation of Frederick Kempe, President and CEO of the Atlantic Council; Jason Marczak, Director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Atlantic Council; and Diego Area, Associate Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Atlantic Council.

Actions implemented

During the participation of the Interim President of Venezuela in the Forum of the Atlantic Council, he ratified that the interim government has been making all possible efforts to assist Venezuelans in the midst of this pandemic that is aggravating the situation.

He said that among the actions undertaken is the donation of $9 million, through the United States Government, directly to multilateral organizations that have the capacity to respond, in addition to $20 million more from the recovery of Venezuelan assets, which were also delivered to multilateral organizations for the care of the pandemic.

«Health workers were the first element we addressed in this situation; then we installed a Teleconsultation system that has so far served more than 30,000 Venezuelans despite the constant attack by the regime that blocks the pages and any virtual tool.”

Guaidó said that at the same time, they continue working so that Humanitarian Aid can enter. It is through the conformation of a National Emergency Government that we will put an end to the crisis in Venezuela, and respond immediately to the pandemic.

«The main functions of the National Emergency Government are: first, to deal with the Complex Humanitarian Emergency; second, to re-institutionalize the country so that it will lead us to truly free presidential elections; and third, to build confidence in Venezuela again.”

Finally, the interim President ratified that «there is no type of negotiation, nor rapprochement (with the dictatorship)».

Credit: Dariana Bracho / Diana Nunez

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